Wednesday, October 31, 2012


With the much anticipated epic finale of The Twilight Saga, it means a new set of artists  enlisted to be on its soundtrack. Soundtrack producer, Alexandra Patsavas is pretty much well known on picking out the best among the rest artists and songs for the saga. 

During the past Twilight Saga soundtracks, I can honestly say that I was clueless on the artists that were chosen to be in it. I just heard their names and band names because they were involved in this humongous movie series. But upon researching and listening to their songs in the album, plus other songs sung by them, I totally got hooked into them. Every single artist has a cool, different vibe and a very distinct take on music. I'll be raising my hand and can say that I'm a fan of those artists, uhmm Florence + The Machine, Metric, Imperial Mammoth, Cee Lo Green are just some of my beloved artists. 

Well, this year Alexandra Patsavas did it again and I'm so happy with the set of artists picked out for the soundtrack. The Boom Circuits, Iko, Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding, Christine Perrie (who's back again for Part 2) with Steve Kazee, Paul McDonald with Nikki Reed (our dear Rosalie Hale) and Green Day are just some of the lucky 14 artists. 

It's the time of the promotion period wherein a music video from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 soundtrack debuts. Not to keep you waiting, here it is The Forgotten by Green Day. Heads up, snippets from the movie are all over the music video. Enjoy! 


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