Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday | Top Ten Albums that I could listen to FOREVER

A while ago, I wandered around The Broke and The Bookish book blog. This particular blog is famous for its weekly meme, Top Ten Tuesday, which bookish people fervently participates in. With that in mind, I decided to check the topics being discussed in the following weeks and only to be surprised that the topic for this week is something that I actually would love to talk about. Then and there, I immediately thought of still crafting a blog post for it even though Tuesday had already passed. Here’s the topic for September 20, yesterday:

All About Audio freebie --  aka top ten audiobooks you should listen to, 10 books I want to listen to on audio,10 bands you should check out, 10 podcasts you should be listening to, 10 of my all time favorite albums, 10 songs I love, really whatever you can come up with.

I tweaked this prompt and created this... Hope you'll enjoy this!

Top Ten Albums that I could listen to FOREVER

(I will randomly name some albums that I have in my playlist for quite a long time yet I still listen to up until now.)

1. Modern Minds and Pastimes by The Click Five

Remember The Click Five's hit song Jenny? Or the catchy happy birthday song, Happy Birthday? Or the mellow, Empty? Those songs actually belong to The Click Five's second album yet a first for their new vocalist, Kyle Patrick. During the year this album was released, I went gaga over them and if I remember correctly I went pretty active on Myspace because of them. There was something about Kyle's voice that drew me in and add in their awesome and catchy songs. I'm sold. My favorite song out of this album (which sadly wasn't released as a single) is I'm Getting Over You. Headlight Disco and When I'm Gone were my jam too!

Listen to Modern Minds and Pastimes on Youtube

2. Riot! by Paramore

Riot! was the album where I feel like Paramore is at its peak. Hayley's killer voice, Zac's drum skills  and Josh & Jeremy's guitar rifts were the key points that gave Paramore its definitive sound. With those things, you'll immediately know if it is Paramore that you're listening to. Paramore is Paramore and no other band can recreate the magic that they have. 

In my opinion, they seriously killed this album and offered their fans lots of great materials to listen and sing-along to. All songs have a single material to it and has that recall factor. After all these years, songs from Riot! are still stuck in my head and I could gladly sing it at the top of my head. My favorites from this album are: Misery Business, CrushCrushCrush, That's What You Get, Born for This, Hallelujah and When It Rains

Listen to Riot! on Youtube.

3. Brand New Eyes by Paramore

Out of all their albums, Brand New Eyes is my top favorite. I love all the songs, the lyrics and just about everything about it. I can't even pick a favorite out of all the songs on this album! It was during this era that my love for Paramore reached to new heights and that I even hunted a copy of BNE in our neck of the woods. Good thing I was able to snatch one!

4. A Little Longer by Jonas Brothers

I've been a fan of the Jonas Brothers way before A Little Bit Longer was released. Remember  the songs S.O.S and When You Look Me In The Eyes that both hooked our ears and hearts? I  was such a fangirl for this trio back then. But the first physical album by the Jonas Brothers that I owned was A Little Bit Longer. The title track, A Little Bit Longer, also has a Nick Jonas related back story to it which makes it very dear to my heart. 

5. Speak Now by Taylor Swift

SPEAK NOW ERA aka my favorite Taylor Swift era! This was the album before a drastic change took place from country pop to pop rock. I prefer this album than Red. I can still remember begging my father to buy me a deluxe copy of Speak Now in Manila and which he actually did. With posters and all. For me, most of the songs from this album are Taylor Swift's best songs ever. My favorites are Back to December, The Story of Us, Mine, Enchanted, Last Kiss and Long Live. 

6. Hold On Tight by Hey Monday

Hey Monday didn't make it that big and long in the music scene but with their short existence they left us with highly-addicting albums, Hold on Tight and Beneath It All. I'm sure you've heard them if you know the songs - Candles, Homecoming, How You Love Me Now and I Don't Wanna Dance. Cassadee Pope, the band's vocalist,  also won in the The Voice US Season 3. I was really surprised when I saw her audition on the show but I basically rooted for her from that point. I love how every performance that she did on The Voice gave me chills. She's really a talented singer with powerful vocals. Watch Cassadee's Cry performance

7. Maybe Someday by Griffin Peterson

Griffin Peterson is the person behind those amazing songs featured in Colleen Hoover's Maybe Someday novel. MS will always have a special part in my heart because it gave me a very unique reading experience. I always feel like crying whenever Griffin's songs come up on my playlist because with his words I am reminded of what transpired in the book. If you haven't read it, then you better do so. 

8. Twilight (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various Artists

If I could, I'd list all of the OSTs for The Twilight Saga. This franchise basically gave what the fans want. Fan service at its finest. I think, that's one of the reasons why Twilight became such a phenomenon. Summit Entertainment were that good in marketing and coming up with ways to spike people's curiousity and craving for Bella and Edward's story. Even bringing top notch artists to sing for the soundtrack like Paramore, Florence + The Machine, Ceelo Green, Christina Perri, Sia and Ellie Goulding. 

9. Salute by Little Mix

Little Mix is my favorite girl group and I love all of their albums. Women empowerment through music? Then you better listen to these girls because that's what they do best. Salute! 

Listen to Salute on Youtube

10. Made in the A.M. by One Direction

Made in the A.M., aka the 5th studio album, first album without Zayn and the last album before their "hiatus", is One Direction's BEST ALBUM! They have really come along way from their Up All Night era which mostly consists of pop tunes. When you listen to all of their albums, it is very noticeable how One Direction gradually break away from that (UAN era), built the sound that they want as a group and I love how they did that. Such a metamorphosis from this group!

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